Inlet Theatre, 100 Newport Drive, Port Moody.


$5.00 a year.

Member Admission
$5.00 per film.

Festival Admission
$7.00 per film.

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Connie Smith
Don Bullock
Denise Meiners


Carlo Ceolaro
Josh Cabrita
Mark Welch
Greg Hall
Tiferet Welch
Flo Bullock
Michelle Churchill

About Us

The Port Moody Film Society established in 2000 is a volunteer not for profit organization.

We publicly screen high quality independent films from around the world. We are a unique film society in that we select all the films screened unlike most film societies that work through an established film circuit.

Our mission statement:

To encourage an appreciation of film and film making, showcase films, filmmakers and provide opportunities for regular viewings, annual festivals and film screenings at special events.

What we offer to the public:

One film per month, usually the second Friday of each month

Mini-Festivals (held throughout the year) two day film festivals presenting a theme

Indoor-Outdoor film night in August featuring one movie in the theatre and one outside

Annual Canadian Film Festival

Workshops, panel discussions and Q and A’s

Community Sponsorship:

The Port Moody Films Society offers to screen films for annual community events such as The Festival of the Arts, Italian Day, Chocolate Festival, etc.

Showcase local films and filmmakers

Offer monetary awards for film competitions associated with School District No. 43, The Celluloid Social Club and Quick-Flick Challenge

Contribute to the Links to Literacy Auction

Financial aid to the City of Port Moody to help purchase film equipmentFinancial aid to the City of Port Moody to help purchase film equipment


If you wish to volunteer or become a board member contact the box office on our film night or send an e-mail to